Do not panic, your Instagram posts are not disappearing

Multi-Color_Logo_thumbnail200Over the last week or so, there has been a mad panic that your posts will be lost on Instagram, that they are taking away your messages unless your followers take drastic action. You may have seen Instagramers encouraging you to click the three little dots in the top right hand corner and asking you to turn on notifications.

Instagram is not taking your content from the news feeds, this is untrue. They have changed their algorithm to try and show you, the follower or consumer, the most relevant content for you, according to your actions. These actions include your likes and comments on others posts. This is similar to what Google and Facebook have already done, changing what you see first at the top of each of their pages

Your Posts will still be there

It is likely that the top notifications in the posts will be those chosen by the algorithm, but underneath this it is likely that the remaining posts will be the rest of your feed.

Clicking the three dots on the top right will send your followers a notification every time you post. If your followers click on every Instagram account they follow then they will be inundated with notifications and this is likely to make them more likely to stop following you.

What this highlights is that we should all check our content and make sure that it is still engaging enough to keep people wanting to come back and see our content. This is not just for Instagram, it is across the board as well. Keep your posts interesting and followers and likers will look out for your content within the noise that is social media.

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