Internet marketing is a huge topic, with many different areas covered under its banner. We don’t just offer Search Engine Optimisation, Web design and social media management, but also offer a range of internet marketing services. We make sure that your online marketing works within your marketing plan and also incorporate your other marketing methods, be them online or offline. Our clients are now used to our elaborate diagrams showing how all your internet marketing fits together and benefits each other as well as your offline marketing.

We offer support, strategies, advice and training in the following:

Pay Per Click

Google Adwords is a fantastic tool for advertising your business on the internet and can have you set up almost instantly. Over the years we have found many clients who have wasted a lot of money on the platform, but when done properly it can be a very efficient marketing and advertising tool. We can research, setup and manage your campaign across Googles display network, which includes their search engine, search network and other websites.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is very cost effective form of promoting your business to your database of clients. We have run successful campaigns for many businesses and have always seen positive results from our campaigns, beating industry standards and more importantly watching our clients see a return on their investment. We can build email templates, set up separate campaigns to go out to different segments of your database, manage your home campaign from content to taking care of the day to day running and also offer training so that you can manage your own campaigns.

Content Marketing

We look at your current content and look to see if it is written in such a way that it appeals to your target audience. We will then devise a plan on how to make the most of your online content that will have a positive affect within the search engines, but that it also makes sense to your human audience.

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